"Your life force, your chi, your intangible aura- that will be the next great frontier in medicine. "

Dr. Mehmet Oz, M.D.



Aura Imaging


Using the advanced technology of the Biopulsar Biofeedback Program, this service includes a full body aura picture, aura interpretation, chakra analysis and chi vitality scan.



Intuitive Aura Reading


Gives you additional information and details presented in your auric field, and rounds out the aura imaging interpretation.



Aura and Chakra Clearing


This procedure clears, relaxes and refreshes the energies in your auric field, along with releasing stagnant, negative and stressful vibrations to prepare you to change old unwanted patterns and start fresh!



Wellness Plan for Body & Spirit

Knowledgable, professional, personalized recommendations for balancing mind, body, and spirit based on individual desires, priorities and the information gathered from the aura image and reading.



Belief Repatterning



Vibrational energy healing to clear out stress and unwanted negative beliefs and build in fresh, positive  beliefs about yourself and life. Also available are self clearing energy techniques (based on your individual aura patterns) that can be done at home to stay relaxed and positively focused. Learn to use your vibrational energy to create deeply fulfilling, loving and harmonious living.



Stress Release


Unwind the tension and relax with quick and easy techniques that release stress in the body and calm the mind.